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Featured Products

Bath Fizzy Bombs

Just drop a bomb in your bath and Enjoy! They will fizz and fill your tub with a wonderful aromatherapy and subtle oils for your skin

Bubbling Bath Salts

Detoxify your skin with the benefits of Bath Salt that include Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt.  We've added bubbles to help your forget about the day! 

Grizzly Balm Muscle Rub

This sore muscle balm is a warming and cooling balm to help release the tension in your muscles.

Body Butter

Help your skin stay hydrated and soft with our rich Body Butter that sinks right in to your skin. Made with various luxury butters.

Handcrafted Soap

All Soaps are made with top quality Oils, Butters, Botanicals, Essential Oils and Cosmetic grade colorants and fragrances